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Note from Our Treasurer...

Passing the Torch


Some may want to know who Tyson Broyles is, posting here. This is an unofficial announcement, but Tyson, of our Fort Hays Chapter, has agreed to take my position as your faithful Treasurer, which should be official at our officer elections to be held at our Annual Holiday (Christmas) gathering in December at MHCC, for our terms beginning February 1.  This will be the anniversary of our reinstatement as an alumni chapter, for the 2700 Sigma Chi alumni living in the greater KC area.
I have thoroughly enjoyed and was proud to have  been your recent Treasurer, President in 1974-5, and especially setting up our new website, our Facebook page, and getting the process started and guiding us to reinstatement.  I’m also the proud father of three SIGS, the late Jay Neuner, Alpha Xi, Jerry, also Alpha Xi, and Steve, Delta Upsilon, K State.
Keep the faith are left in great hands, with Scott Tschudy, Pres., Tom Spencer, VP, Greg Davis, Web Manager and Tyson Broyles, New Treasurer.  Guard Well the Honor of Sigma Chi.
Neuner BK 1955

Congratulations to Brother Karl Englund...